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If have any questions, please contact Jonathan Fass, COO at 203-921-4161 or

Schoke Jewish Family Service of Fairfield County has established a Hebrew Free Loan program, designed to offer community members the opportunity to receive interest-free loans to support financial needs that do not qualify for funding through our emergency assistance program.

Community members can receive funding to support immediate, concrete needs including:

  • Emergency home repairs
  • Emergency car repairs
  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral costs
  • Camp tuition
  • Participation in a gap-year or short-term Jewish or Israel education program
  • Tuition for a vocational or technical program to advance their career

To participate in the program, applicants will need to provide financial information, secure a guarantor, submit a statement of need, and commit to a repayment schedule. The length of repayment will be determined by the loan amount, with the assumption that most loans will be repaid within 36 months.

For more information about the Hebrew Free Loan program contact Jonathan Fass at 203-921-4161 or by e-mail at

All inquiries are kept strictly confidential.

Schoke JFS has partnered with Uniper to provide our members access to a community of people like you that is accessible directly from your TV, web, tablet, and mobile devices; a place where you can connect with friends, family, and community as easily as clicking a button on your remote control.

Take a class, explore a new hobby, or join an exercise class; Uniper brings all of this to you from the comfort of your own home!

Contact Us

For more information, please contact
Rebekah Kanefsky
at 203-921-4161 or

Key Benefits of Uniper

  • Community Connections

    Make new friends with peers in your community and around the world, all from the comfort of home.

  • Wellbeing Made Easy

    Exercise your mind and body with a variety of health & wellness classes that fit your needs, like yoga and zumba!

  • Video Calls

    Video calling with friends and family right from your TV screen!

Schoke JFS and Uniper believe that everyone deserves access to the care, community and services they need to live a vibrant, healthy, and fulfilling life. That’s why getting started with Uniper couldn’t be easier! In just four easy steps, we’ll get you setup and ready to discover everything Uniper has to offer so that you can connect to life!

The Member Journey -  Connect to Life in four easy steps

  • Enroll

    You’ll recieve an initial phone call from 888-471-7623 to confirm enrollment and set a date to get you started!

  • Install

    A technician will provide in-home installation and/or remote support and basic training to get you set up.

  • Onboard

    Uniper’s personalized training & “Welcome to Uniper” class, will teach you all about your new virtual community.

  • Enjoy!

    Each week is packed with programs to help you exercise your mind & body and connect to your peers. From art to Zumba—fitness to trivia—discover how Uniper can help you connect to life!