The Gathering Table

The Gathering Table is a membership organization at Schoke JFS of community members who are focused on the issues related to food insecurity impacting families in Fairfield County.

Each year The Gathering Table membership contributions will be used to support innovative and strategic initiatives working to end hunger in our communities.

This year, The Gathering Table will support Connecticut’s First Kosher Mobile Food Pantry!

The Schoke JFS Mobile Food Pantry is a state-of-the-art food truck that works with partner site locations to bring a choice of high quality, healthy, kosher food directly to our neighborhoods where people need it most.

The Schoke JFS Mobile Food Pantry will be staffed with social workers, case managers and volunteers who are able to provide a critical connection to all of our supportive services. When a client visits our Mobile Food Pantry, our support doesn’t end there.

In the heart of affluent Fairfield County, a silent struggle persists impacting 25% of our neighbors – the battle against hunger, an adversary nearly half a million people in Connecticut face every day.

Amid this crisis, Schoke Jewish Family Service steps up each week, providing sustenance and support to hundreds of individuals. As demand grows, so does the urgency for a greater response. By joining The Gathering Table, you become a vital force amplifying our mission – to fight hunger and feed hope.

Your annual membership of $1,200 or more supports immediate relief and fuels innovative programs that address the root causes of hunger and food insecurity.

As a member of the Gathering Table, you’ll receive exclusive benefits such as online recognition, invitations to special events, curated emails, and more! More importantly, you’ll gain the satisfaction of knowing that your donation is the catalyst for positive change, allowing us to focus on critical endeavors such as helping students like Joshua stay focused on their education or providing a lifeline for single parents struggling to keep food on the table.

More than a membership – it’s an investment. Together, let’s create a lasting impact in Fairfield County and ensure a hunger-free future!

Join us at The Gathering Table and be a part of something truly transformative!

Member Benefits

  • Online recognition
  • Priority registration, premium seating and name recognition at Schoke JFS Gathering Table events
  • Invitations to special events/programs addressing food insecurity issues
  • Invitations to exclusive events for Gathering Table members
  • Curated email updates from program/agency staff

Starting at only $100/month, you can make the difference between whether someone in our community goes hungry or not.

Annual Giving Levels

  • $1,200 – Provides two clients with monthly grocery care packages
  • $3,600 – Sponsors one Mobile Food Pantry distribution feeding 50 families
  • $5,400 – Provides 100 families with Kosher eggs or dairy products
Join The Gathering Table

The Gathering Table is a recurring donor program committed to supporting innovative and strategic food initiatives.

Your support and monthly contributions help combat food insecurity in our communities.

Give Monthly to Fight Hunger with Schoke JFS
  • Over 490,000 Connecticut residents struggle with hunger
  • There are 131,000+ food insecure children in Connecticut
  • The Covid-19 pandemic worsened the crisis of food insecurity

Schoke Jewish Family Service responded to the needs of our community with the first Kosher Mobile Food Pantry in Connecticut.

$100 a month provides 2 clients their monthly grocery care package from one of the Schoke JFS pantry locations
$200 a month provides 30 families with one dozen eggs per month
$300 a month provides emergency food assistance for a family of four for one month
$450 a month allows Schoke JFS to ensure that we can provide 100 families with Kosher eggs, cheese and other dairy products that are difficult to acquire from our local food bank partners

Driving Forward to End Food Insecurity

Schoke JFS Mobile Food Pantry is a state-of-the-art food truck working with partner site locations to bring a choice of high quality, healthy, kosher food directly to people who need it most.

Staffed with social workers, case managers and volunteers, the Mobile Food Pantry provides a critical connection to all of our supportive and emergency assistance services.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about The Gathering Table please contact Janet Wainright at 203-921-4161 or