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General Job Summary

The Chief Program and Operating Officer will assist the Chief Executive Officer in all facets of day to day administration and operations of the Agency. Will oversee, manage and supervise Agency programs and operations.

Duties and Responsibilities

This is an upper management position designed to ensure continuity and coordination of all agency programs and operations. The Chief Program/Operating Officer will possess the knowledge, efficiencies and organization needed for program oversight and management as well as experience in operations in a complex social service organization. They will have an appropriate understanding of the management of social services needed for Program Man-agement and supervision.

The Chief Operating Officer reports to the Chief Executive Officer and shall attend board and committee meetings as directed.

1) Program Operation and Development

a) Provide guidance, oversight and development to department heads to review and enhance program operations and development.

b) Consult with department heads to ensure efficient and timely operation and functioning of programs.

c) Explore new opportunities, in consultation with department heads, to enhance and grow programs where appropriate. Develop, with department heads and Board, new initiatives and programs consistent with Agency policies and programs.

d) Provide leadership, oversight and coordination of volunteer activities. Provide oversight of volunteer professional and work closely with volunteers, and volunteer lay leaders to implement new volunteer activities, while expanding current offerings.

e) Provide leadership to several large agency initiatives, including, but not limited to, annual Cohen lecture, SJFS Evening, online and in person community programming.

2) Operations Management

a) Supervise and oversee Agency support staff and its operations.

b) Assist the Chief Executive Officer with managerial, operational, personnel, or fiscal concerns to assure efficient, timely, and cost-effective operations of the Agency.

c) Consult with Agency department heads to advance the effectiveness of their areas of responsibility.

d) Responsible for Performance and Quality Improvement activities and will act as PQI/COA Coordinator for reaccreditation process every 4 years

e) Assist Chief Executive Officer in oversight and monitoring of Agency’s expenditures, and assist in budget preparation as needed.

f) Oversee and manage agency information technology and its staff, if available, including, but not limited to zoom, website development and marketing materials.

g) Responsible for oversight of building management and EHR/CRM management.

3) Public Relations/Community Relations/Board Liaison

a) Will supervise agency PR and marketing personnel to ensure that Agency events and happenings are publicized in the Media, in synagogue publications, and in any venue that will advance the visibility of the Agency and/or event.

b) Will act as staff liaison to board marketing committee, and take an active role in agency marketing initiatives.

c) Will be responsible for the development of intra-agency publicity and materials such as the Agency newsletter, brochures and other written communication, including the website.

d) Will assist the Chief Executive Officer in representing JFS in the community by attending community events, gatherings and meetings as needed.

e) Will assist the Chief Executive Officer in communicating with the Board of Directors. Will ensure that Board Committees receive timely notices of meetings, will disseminate information relating to meetings, and staff committees as directed by the Chief Executive Officer.

f) Will staff agency board committees as appropriate.

4) Development

a) Help identify, research, and evaluate potential individual, foundation, corporate and government funding sources.

b) Assist Board in implementation of fund-raising initiatives.

c) Reach out to potential donors as appropriate, and assist in management of the Development officer.

5) Personnel/Training

a) Ensure that the training needs of the staff are met through consultation and training development as proposed by department heads.

b) Oversee new employee orientation, and compliance to COA standards.

c) Act as coordinator and lead in re-accreditation reviews; ensure ongoing compliance with accreditation standards, and initiate changes as needed.


Performs duties as directed by the CEO. This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties required. Other duties are assigned as needed.


Advanced degree in social work, business, or related human services.

Minimum of four years of experience, two of which shall have been in a senior management capacity in a social service or related area.

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