Purim - Matanot L'Evyonim

Purim is a holiday when Schoke JFS is able to make very unique miracles happen. In addition to paying rent and utility bills, we have helped…

  • Isolated senior get newspaper subscriptions to stay in touch with the world
  • Single mom of young teen get her daughter a cell phone so she is just one call away in an emergency
  • Client undergoing surgery get a health tracker and blender to help with recovery

This year we hope to help…

  • An isolated client with mental illness adopt an emotional support cat
  • Previously homeless client get a real mattress and bed to replace his air mattress on the floor
  • Recent widower move into affordable senior housing and retain his independence

  • $54 Provides a formerly homeless person with First Night Essentials in his new home
  • $36 Provides Shabbat Meals to an elderly couple for one week
  • $18 Provides fresh milk and eggs for a family of four for one week