Purim - Matanot L'Evyonim

Schoke JFS makes miracles happen on Purim, we’ve covered rent and utility bills, and extended assistance to:

  • Providing a homeless client with computer and internet access to aid in their job search
  • Helping Israeli refugees with new blinds for increased privacy and a sense of security
  • Assisting a family in acquiring a larger car to accommodate their growing family

This year we can help…

  • New single moms purchase necessary items for their growing babies
  • Replace broken window air conditioners to ensure safety and comfort for our clients during the summer
  • Support a client with safety modifications to their apartment following surgery

  • $54 Provides a formerly homeless person with First Night Essentials in his new home
  • $36 Provides Shabbat Meals to an elderly couple for one week
  • $18 Provides fresh milk and eggs for a family of four for one week